Meet our Dynamic Dunescapes Placement Students and find out about their experiences as part of the project.

A woman is seen walking through the dune grassland. The sun is rising, over the sand dunes in the distance

Student Project: Skylark and Meadow Pipit Surveys

30th May 2022

Blog Join placement student Wenna as she talks through her experience working with Dynamic Dunescapes at The Towans in Cornwall Hello, I’m Wenna and I’m currently completing a post-graduate certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques with the University of Oxford. One aspect of this course is planning and carrying out a field research project of our…

Summer Placement: Helleborine, Horseflies, and a lot of walking

10th May 2022

Blog Join summer placement Biology student Lyndsey as she talks through her experience working with Dynamic Dunescapes at Sandscale Haws, Cumbria. Just a little bit about myself, I study Biology at Northumbria university and during second year as part of a summer placement from June to September, I stumbled upon this interesting opportunity with Dynamic…

A young man is pictured taking a selfie on the dunes with a large white and orange net in his hand used for surveying insects

Student Project: ‘Death, Dunes and Pretty Pink Flowers: The problems posed by Japanese Rose on dune biodiversity’

20th December 2021

Thanks to the pandemic, student Thom Lyons missed out on fieldwork opportunities, so instead worked with Dynamic Dunescapes to gain valuable ecology experience.

A smiling young man stands in the dunes and holds up a branch from a tree

Rekindling a Connection With Nature; Charlie’s Student Placement Experience

4th October 2021

The placement rekindled my love for the environment, after the pandemic and online learning made me feel disconnected to something that I used to be really passion about.

A bee is held in a pot with a blue mesh lid. Yellow flowers are in the background.

Beth and the Bees: on Placement in Devon

1st September 2021

Before Beth set off to start her PhD, she spent a month surveying bees on the dunes with our North Devon National Trust team, working with Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

A woman stands smiling and holding a fir tree sapling

A Summer of Public Engagement, by Amy

1st September 2021

Meet Amy, one of the placement students who built up their public engagement skills and experience whilst on placement with Dynamic Dunescapes at Studland Bay.

A smiling woman stands in the dunes holding a small pine tree that has just been removed

My Studland Bay Summer Conservation Placement, by Helen

2nd August 2021

Having already volunteered on the Dynamic Dunescapes project at Studland, this student placement was the perfect opportunity for Helen to bolster her practical skills.

View over sand dunes with a small lake in view and thickets of purple heather.

On Placement with Dunescapes: Bethany’s story

2nd August 2021

Bethany reflects on her summer placement with the Dunescapes National Trust Dynamic Dunescapes team at Studland Bay.

Three students pictured in the sand dunes in rain clothes

The Life of a Dunescapes Placement Student, by Katie

29th July 2021

‘Placements are invaluable to students like me.’ Find out how university student Katie got involved in citizen science and public engagement activities during her placement with National Trust at Studland Bay.

A man is pictured using monitoring equipment on the dunes in thick vegetation

On Placement with Dunescapes: ‘Great Experiences’ by Rhys

29th July 2021

Based at Studland Bay with our National Trust team, placement student Rhys reflects on the things he learned and enjoyed as part of Dynamic Dunescapes.

2 women and 1 man look at a specimen in a pot whilst standing in a meadow. The woman are wearing red tops and the man is wearing a white t shirt

Bees, butterflies and bird’s foot trefoil; Flo’s first day on placement

29th June 2021

Meet Flo Taylor, our new Dynamic Dunescapes placement student who is working with our North Devon team, and find out about her first day as part of the project.