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Left to right - Naomi Sanderson, Jonathan Hulse, Michelle Waller and Bob O’Neil at beach clean at South Walney Nature Reserve

Local Architects pitch in to support wildlife conservation at South Walney Nature Reserve, Cumbria

Kendal-based O’Neil Architects joined our Dynamic Dunescapes Cumbria Wildlife Trust team for a Wild Work Day at South Walney.

2 IMG_20211012_153255 - Copy

Diggers in the Dunes! Military training exercise will help sand dune restoration and boost biodiversity at Penhale Dunes, Cornwall

Working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, this week The British Army will remove patches of scrub from overgrown areas of sand dunes on MOD land as part of a training exercise using JCB diggers, to give sand dune wildlife a much-needed boost.

Dune battle 1

Dune Battle – tackling biodiversity in the dunes through gameplay

When Biology Teacher Jon Hale tweeted at Dynamic Dunescapes, he had a vision for how useful co-creating a game could be for students studying sand dunes and succession.

mac blog post 2

Recording in the Rain

Join sound artist Mac and Dunescapes Engagement Officer Andy for a blog post and an audio walk through the dunes at Perranporth in Cornwall.


Rekindling a Connection With Nature; Charlie’s Student Placement Experience

The placement rekindled my love for the environment, after the pandemic and online learning made me feel disconnected to something that I used to be really passion about.

irene blog 1

Arts Alive; A Creative Update From Cumbria

In Cumbria, we work closely with artist Irene Rogan to deliver engaging events connecting communities and school groups with nature and our coastal dunes. Here’s what Irene has been up to this summer.

Breeding 2

Breeding Bird Population Changes (2020-2021) at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

Natural England volunteer and regular Dynamic Dunescapes bird blogger from Lincolnshire Cliff Morrison explores the changes seen in the breeding bird populations at his local Saltfleetby NNR.

samphire 1

Saltmarsh creation and growing foredunes: Four decades of change at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

For nearly 40 years Cliff Morrison has been walking the NNR and has watched how this dynamic dune landscape has changed over time – with some new habitats created and others lost.

beth bees 1

Beth and the Bees: on Placement in Devon

Before Beth set off to start her PhD, she spent a month surveying bees on the dunes with our North Devon National Trust team, working with Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

amy placement 1

A Summer of Public Engagement, by Amy

Meet Amy, one of the placement students who built up their public engagement skills and experience whilst on placement with Dynamic Dunescapes at Studland Bay.

Irene blog 1

Arts Alive; Spotlight on Community Arts in Cumbria

Working with Dynamic Dunescapes and Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Irene Rogan has been connecting art and science by creating immersive and exciting art sessions.

Mac 1

Sounding Perran Sands

This time at Gear Sands, sound artist Mac Dunlop reports in on his progress as he works on an audio project based in the dunes of Cornwall.

Image: BNPS

Busy bovine conservationists: Cows have returned to Studland Bay after 90 years!

Grazing cattle will boost biodiversity and now, with smart GPS collars, National Trust livestock managers can control where the helpful herd grazes from their mobile phones.


My Studland Bay Summer Conservation Placement, by Helen

Having already volunteered on the Dynamic Dunescapes project at Studland, this student placement was the perfect opportunity for Helen to bolster her practical skills.


Sand Waves: Creating a sound art project with Dynamic Dunescapes

Meet the first recipient of our arts funding grant, sound artist Mac Dunlop, and find out about how he’s creating a dune-inspired soundscape.

Bethany 1

On Placement with Dunescapes: Bethany’s story

Bethany reflects on her summer placement with the Dunescapes National Trust Dynamic Dunescapes team at Studland Bay.

Katie 5

The Life of a Dunescapes Placement Student, by Katie

‘Placements are invaluable to students like me.’ Find out how university student Katie got involved in citizen science and public engagement activities during her placement with National Trust at Studland Bay.


On Placement with Dunescapes: ‘Great Experiences’ by Rhys

Based at Studland Bay with our National Trust team, placement student Rhys reflects on the things he learned and enjoyed as part of Dynamic Dunescapes.

orch feature

A Guide: Summer Orchids at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

Early June to mid-July is the prime time for spectacular orchid displays across the reserve – find out how you can spot the seven different species found here.

Lincs Cows PR 1

Cattle wearing new smart collars will help improve Lincolnshire’s precious sand dune habitats

Now Reserve Managers at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe National Nature Reserve can control where the helpful herds graze, from their mobile phones