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The first half of the poem 'The Sands' is hand written on white paper

Poetry Spotlight: Bethan Laurels

Nature has long roused artists and creatives. In this series meet our collaborative poet Bethan and enjoy her evocative coast-inspired work.

cliff 1

February bird sightings and marine wash-outs at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

Join Cliff Morrison for a wildlife-spotting trip to Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR in Lincolnshire.


Listen: Explore Anderby Creek with Tish from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Listen for winter birdsong and join Tish as she explores the sand dunes at Anderby, watches for wildlife and admires the expansive skies.

bird 1

January Bird sightings at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

There are many keen birders involved in Dynamic Dunescapes, and one such individual is Cliff Morrison who volunteers at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR in Lincolnshire. In this blog series, he’ll be sharing his recent experiences and bird sightings at the reserve.

Ellie with Andy Nelson

Dune Revival; Photographing Works on Cornwall’s Dunes

Photography student Ellie Chidgey has been working with our team in Cornwall, photographing our conservation work and some of the beautiful species that can be found at Penhale Dunes.


Connecting with nature from the couch; Our favourite wildlife and environment programmes

Put your feet up and enjoy nature with our team’s pick of their top documentaries and videos which help us connect with wildlife at home.


Feeling festive? Make an origami Christmas Tree!

They make the perfect Christmas table decorations and this easy activity is great to do with kids during the holidays.

Julia happily walking away from the camera in a sandy part of the dunes

Lost in the Dunes

Julia Galbenu asks, ‘How often do you walk and return home with little recollection of what you saw, smelt, heard or felt?’ This is a story about how in some cases, like at Studland Bay, wandering away from the marked path can be a good thing; for you and for wildlife.

two people in the dunes with clipboards completing citizen science activities

What is changing at Studland Bay?

Julia Galbenu, Dynamic Dunescapes Engagement Officer for Dorset, shares an update on what’s happening in the historic dunes at Studland Bay.


Discover the A – Z of Dynamic Dunescapes

Meet the special and rare creatures that live in shifting sand, explore the range of habitat types that can be found in a sand dune system, and find out what Dynamic Dunescapes is doing to bring biodiversity back to these beautiful landscapes.

Dynamic dunes sketch 1

How a modelmaking student is helping dune restoration in Studland

How can modelmaking help a conservation project? Find out how James Taberner is working with Dynamic Dunescapes in Dorset, to produce a model of the dune system that will help visitors understand how a dune system works, and explore the different habitats that a healthy dune system should have.


Top Half-Term Activities for Families in the Sand Dunes

This October half term, we’ve chosen some of our favourite family activities for you and the kids, from exploring the dunes in search of some of the fantastic autumn plants and fungi that are growing right now, to downloading some of our sand dune wildlife spotter activity sheets!

Dave Mercer

Meet the Sefton NNR Team

Our work on the Sefton Coast covers over 4,500 hectares of sand dunes, including at Ainsdale Sand Dunes NNR (led by Natural England) and Formby (led by National Trust). Meet the team behind the project here!

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary

Photographing Butterflies in North Wales – An Annual Obsession

Richard Glynne Jones explores the threats that our butterflies face with a changing climate and increased habitat loss, and shares his passion for identifying and photographing the species he spots in North Wales.


Sefton’s Viking Coast

This is a coast of sand dunes and saltmarsh with meres and mosses of peat behind. Look at a map of this coast and a hidden heritage is revealed – a Viking heritage.


Paint with wild blackberries

Blog All around the UK, wild hedgerows are heaving under the weight of September’s most iconic fruit; the humble blackberry. Delicious eaten straight off the bramble and fantastic in a crumble, these sweet berries can also be squeezed to produce a natural purple ink – perfect for nature-inspired art! Natalie Coffey, Engagement Officer for Dynamic…


Footprints in the Sand – A jewellery journey

There is something about sand and sand dunes that has always captured my imagination. The way sand flows through your fingertips, the mesmerising way it falls through an egg-timer and how the invisible wind can create huge, graceful yet fickle dunes.

Tim Braund

Journey to Dynamic Dunescapes: Tim Braund, Engagement Manager

What I had not appreciated was how rare, vulnerable and at risk these ‘unseen’ landscape gems are, the most at-risk habitat in Europe; over-stabilised and with reducing areas of bare and moving sand with associated losses in biodiversity and some species barely holding on as a result. The chance to be part of an ambitious large-scale project was too good an opportunity to miss.

Two glow worms shine amongst the marram grass

Glow Patrol: on the hunt for Cornwall’s amazing glow worms!

I had heard that there were glow worms on The Towans sand dunes, but had never seen them myself. So when West Cornwall Reserves Manager Nick Marriott put me in touch with a local glow worm enthusiast, I decided I needed to find out more!

mating northern tiger dune beetles natalie hunt - Copy

Northern dune tiger beetle: The fastest beetle in the world?

Did you know that here on the Sefton Coast, we have possibly one of the World’s fastest beetles? Around 2cm long, with colourful reddish wing cases with three pale bands and iridescent green underneath, its the northern dune tiger beetle Cicindela hybrida!