A sandy track runs between pine trees growing on the coast

Share Your Thoughts: Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve

Five people stand under an iron archway sculpture, holding a ceremonial ribbon

Cerflun wedi’i ysbrydoli yn lleol wedi’i ddadorchuddio yn SoDdGA Twyni Crymlyn

Five people stand under an iron archway sculpture, holding a ceremonial ribbon

Locally-inspired sculpture unveiled at Crymlyn Burrows SSSI

Digging for Wildlife at Penhale Dunes

A Study into the Impacts of Rosa rugosa Invasion on Sand Dune Flora and Fauna Biodiversity

Close up of the iron plants on the sculpture

Bydd cerflunwaith newydd yn Nhwyni Crymlyn yn dathlu harddwch a bioamrywiaeth yr ardal

Close up of the iron plants on the sculpture

New sculpture at Crymlyn Burrows will celebrate the beauty and biodiversity of the area

A smiling lady with a sketch book sits on the sand under a blue sky

Cornwall: Friends of the Towans Art Club on the Dunes

Effeithiau rhosyn Japan ar lystyfiant a phridd twyni tywod

Japanese rose impacts on sand dune vegetation and soil

A white quadrat sits on green and yellow vegetation

Eurwialen gynnar (Solidago gigantea): Ffrind neu Elyn?

A small floret of yellow flowers sits atop a long green stem

Early goldenrod (Solidago gigantea): Sand Dune Friend or Foe?

A dung beetle on a rock

Dunes and dung beetles. Is all poo good poo?

Ymchwilio i ddulliau o gael gwared ar Rosyn Japan (Rosa rugosa) o SoDdGA Twyni Crymlyn: cam allweddol mewn adfer arfordirol

Investigating removal methods of Japanese Rose (Rosa rugosa) in Crymlyn Burrows SSSI: a key step in coastal restoration

A group of people kneel in the grass to inspect lichen covered wood

Twyni Dynamig: Stori Olivia

A group of people kneel in the grass to inspect lichen covered wood

Dynamic Dunescapes: Olivia’s story

Removing Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa) on the Sefton Coast

School children create art to help protect ground-nesting birds

Student project: Investigating dune slack scraping interventions

Hwb i fywyd gwyllt arbennig wrth i brysgwydd gael ei dynnu o dwyni Pen-bre

A green plant with thin leaves and bright orange berries is shwon

Specialist wildlife gets a boost as scrub is removed across Pembrey sand dunes

A wooden box has been turned into a natterjack toad habitat. Felt, fabrics and paints have been used to create the 3D artwork

Creativity on the Cumbrian Dunes: Schools Community Art Project

Fae, Folklore and Fantastic Plants

A man in a red ladybird costume smiles at the camera

Making music inspired by sand dunes

Bats in the Dunes

An Interview with a Sand Dune

Placements and mature students – Studland student blog

A black wasp with orange stinger feeds on a green caterpillar

Parasitoides: Wasps not to love?

Fungi of Studland – Studland Student Blog

A small slow worm is held in the hand. The slow worm is a shiny, golden brown

Discovering South Wales with Grace Hunt

A small slow worm is held in the hand. The slow worm is a shiny, golden brown

Darganfod De Cymru gyda Grace Hunt

Curator Wanted: Art of Saving Sand Dunes Exhibition in Lincolnshire

Two women stand in a gazebo and wave at the camera

Cornwall Apprenticeship: a short journey in time

A woman uses a pyrography iron to draw a bee design into a circle of wood

New outdoor arts festival at Woolacombe to celebrate sand dunes

A green caterpillar with orange dots and black hairs is held up to the camera on a stick

Creeping willow and its inhabitants – Studland Student Blog

A smiling woman with brown hair holds a copy of her new book in the sunshine

Alicia Hayden on “Every Dune is a Mountain”

Hundreds of WW2 military artifacts unearthed at Braunton Burrows during sand dune rejuvenation project

World Sand Dune Day 2022: Thanks for Helping us Celebrate!

A woman is seen walking through the dune grassland. The sun is rising, over the sand dunes in the distance

Student Project: Skylark and Meadow Pipit Surveys

a digger is shown carving a gap in a frontal sand dune

‘Notches’ in Ainsdale Sand Dunes will be created to boost biodiversity on the Sefton Coast

Summer Placement: Helleborine, Horseflies, and a lot of walking

Reflecting on my student project, supported by a Dunescapes bursary

A multicoloured bird shaped sign is fixed on the beach. The bird design reads please let me rest and feed

Community-painted birds arrive at Studland Bay

Watch your step! Completing a master’s thesis with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Dynamic Dunescapes.

Cornwall community creates dune art to mark St Piran’s Day

A yellow digger is shown cutting a large notch in the front of a tall sand dune

Notches dug in Formby’s ‘Tobacco cliffs’ will turn this habitat into refuge for rare wildlife

A view over a grassy sand dune with a patch of bare sand and a grey winter sky

A January Dune Walk in Cornwall

John Muir Award Update

A young man is pictured taking a selfie on the dunes with a large white and orange net in his hand used for surveying insects

Student Project: ‘Death, Dunes and Pretty Pink Flowers: The problems posed by Japanese Rose on dune biodiversity’