A woman is seen walking through the dune grassland. The sun is rising, over the sand dunes in the distance

Student Project: Skylark and Meadow Pipit Surveys

a digger is shown carving a gap in a frontal sand dune

‘Notches’ in Ainsdale Sand Dunes will be created to boost biodiversity on the Sefton Coast

Summer Placement: Helleborine, Horseflies, and a lot of walking

Reflecting on my student project, supported by a Dunescapes bursary

A multicoloured bird shaped sign is fixed on the beach. The bird design reads please let me rest and feed

Community-painted birds arrive at Studland Bay

Watch your step! Completing a master’s thesis with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Dynamic Dunescapes.

Cornwall community creates dune art to mark St Piran’s Day

A yellow digger is shown cutting a large notch in the front of a tall sand dune

Notches dug in Formby’s ‘Tobacco cliffs’ will turn this habitat into refuge for rare wildlife

A view over a grassy sand dune with a patch of bare sand and a grey winter sky

A January Dune Walk in Cornwall

John Muir Award Update

A young man is pictured taking a selfie on the dunes with a large white and orange net in his hand used for surveying insects

Student Project: ‘Death, Dunes and Pretty Pink Flowers: The problems posed by Japanese Rose on dune biodiversity’

Who is hibernating in our dunes this winter?

Two small black and white birds stand at the edge of the waves on the beach

October & November 2021 Wetland and Seabirds of Note at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

Soil and… Sand Dunes?

A fungus with an olive green cap and white stem can be seen in front of brown dying grass

Fantastic fungi: Sand dune ‘shrooms to see in the UK

A black and white image of sound artist Mac Dunlop looking at the camera

Detecting Bats and Other Noises; a final Sand Waves Sound Art Post

Birds of Prey on the Dunes

Immature Red-backed Shrike at Sea View on a branch against the bright sky.

Birds at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR: Migrants of Note in Oct/Nov 2021

A youtube thumnail is pictured featuring paintings of dune landscapes and a sunset over the coast.

Painting Lincolnshire’s Coast: A Creative Community Animation

A deer wades through water and reeds in the sunset light

Autumn Brings a Tidal Surge to Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

four smiling individuals are pictured on a pebbly beach undertaking a beach clean, with litter pickers and plastic bin bags.

Local Architects pitch in to support wildlife conservation at South Walney Nature Reserve, Cumbria

A digger is pictured using its front bucket to help remove scrub from an area of sand dunes

Diggers in the Dunes! Military training exercise will help sand dune restoration and boost biodiversity at Penhale Dunes, Cornwall

Students sat around a table playing the dune battle card game in class.

Dune Battle – tackling biodiversity in the dunes through gameplay

An image looking out over sand dune habitat with lots of purple flowering heather.

Recording in the Rain

A smiling young man stands in the dunes and holds up a branch from a tree

Rekindling a Connection With Nature; Charlie’s Student Placement Experience

A large group of people stand in the dunes facing someone who is leading an event

Arts Alive; A Creative Update From Cumbria

A small brown bird with a dark head sits on a twig with a yellow background

Breeding Bird Population Changes (2020-2021) at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

A close up image of samphire growing from the sand

Saltmarsh creation and growing foredunes: Four decades of change at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

A bee is held in a pot with a blue mesh lid. Yellow flowers are in the background.

Beth and the Bees: on Placement in Devon

A woman stands smiling and holding a fir tree sapling

A Summer of Public Engagement, by Amy

Pebbles arranged in the sand to create a swirl shape

Arts Alive; Spotlight on Community Arts in Cumbria

A handsome brown cow with large horns looks towards the camera

Busy bovine conservationists: Cows have returned to Studland Bay after 90 years!

A black and white image of sound artist Mac Dunlop smiling at something off camera.

Sand Waves: Creating a sound art project with Dynamic Dunescapes

A tall green stemmed plant with cream and purple flowers

A Guide: Summer Orchids at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

2 women and 1 man look at a specimen in a pot whilst standing in a meadow. The woman are wearing red tops and the man is wearing a white t shirt

Bees, butterflies and bird’s foot trefoil; Flo’s first day on placement

A brown bird with its long neck curved under its body is flying with wings outstretched

Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR Bird Sightings May – June 2021

A multicoloured cow sculpture with a blue head and panels of artwork on the body

Painted cow sculpture trail arrives at Woolacombe Dunes for the summer

Nature-inspired art: Creating plant-based paints

Mindfulness in the Dunes

Understanding Invasive Species

Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR: Selection Bird Sightings 19th March to15th April 2021

Managing people and birds in harmony at North Walney NNR

Poetry Spotlight: As The Tide Turns, by Bethan Laurels

Introducing World Sand Dune Day!

a high photograph overlooking St Ives bay with pollution in the waer

Saving the ‘high dunes’ at Gwithian, Cornwall

Cows are coming to Studland Bay!

Poetry Spotlight: You’re Calling, by Bethan Laurels

Lincolnshire Birds: Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR Early Spring and Avian Departures

Removing Invasive Clematis from Lincolnshire’s Dunes

Poetry Spotlight: Bethan Laurels