Dynamic Dunescapes is an ambitious project, rejuvenating some of England & Wales' most important sand dunes for people, communities and wildlife.

Many of us know and love sand dunes as beautiful coastal landscapes, but they are also important biodiversity hotspots. These dunes are a sanctuary for rare species which are perfectly adapted to live in sand. At a healthy dune, you could find orchids, toads, birds and lizards thriving!

But these special creatures are at risk. Over time, many dunes have become covered by grass and scrub which have over-stabilised the sand, and invasive species have overtaken native ones. We now know that a dune environment needs areas of freely-moving sand, healthy sheltered dune slacks and areas with low vegetation to support its diverse wildlife. We’re using pioneering conservation techniques to rejuvenate the dunes and make their shifting sands the perfect home for our threatened wildlife again.

A green and brown sand lizard sits on a sandy grassy patch of sand dune

Read our new Mid-term Impact Report

We're now half way through our project timeline, so we've taken stock of our progress and, to celebrate everything we've achieved so far, compiled a summary mid-term brochure.

In the downloadable PDF, you can explore some of our conservation and engagement work case studies, find out about some of the media opportunities we've enjoyed, meet our brilliant team of staff, volunteers and grazing livestock, and see how many hectares of sand dune habitat we've been able to remove scrub and invasive species from to help support wildlife.

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Important Notice:

When visiting your local sand dunes, remember to follow

Coronavirus restrictions and The Countryside Code.

Be part of our community dune-inspired Sea Shanty!

Got pipes? Part of a shanty group or choir? Send us your recordings of 'Dynamic Dune', written by Dunescapes team members Steve and Dave in Cumbria, to be part of our collaborative celebration of coastal heritage and dune landscapes.

Sand Dune Site Managers: Download our new handbook

Featuring detailed methodologies to keep your dune management skills and understanding up to date, and to help you plan the best interventions for your dune site.

Dynamic Dunescapes for you

Whether you're exploring with your family, ready to join our volunteers or seeking innovative student research opportunities there’s a side of Dynamic Dunescapes for everyone.

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Find out about the latest exciting news from the dunes and read about our conservation actions in our blog.

What's on

Explore our upcoming events.

A small brown bird with a red breast sits on a mossy tree log

Christmas letter trail, Cleethorpes

Find Robin’s lost letters, discover new birds and learn how far they travel to our coastline this winter! This is a great, festive day out for the family.

A small robbin, a brown red-breasted bird, sits on a bare branch

Christmas letter trail, Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe NNR

Find Robin’s lost letters, discover new birds and learn how far they travel to our coastline this winter! This is a great, festive day out for the family.

A black and white image of several volunteers working on the sand dunes

Guided Walk: Military History at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes, Lincolnshire

Join us for a friendly walk on the first Friday each month with one of our wardens, and learn more about the history and heritage of the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe coastline.