A Summer of Public Engagement, by Amy

Amy Wickham

Meet Amy, one of the placement students who built up their public engagement skills and experience whilst on placement with Dynamic Dunescapes at Studland Bay.

Hi, my name is Amy, I just finished second year studying Geography at Bournemouth University, and I completed a 5-week placement at Studland Bay focusing on public engagement. During my time on this placement, I got to try out a wide range of different activities and opportunities that I would not have thought of trying before such as teaching and leading volunteer groups on different activities.

A group of 7 students are stood smiling on the sand dunes. There are 2 men and 5 women, all are wearing grey National Trust uniforms

This placement allowed me to develop and increase my skillset whilst also making new friends and having a fun time outside in nature. I got to work on my independence and my team player skills depending on the work that was required, which is great for future employment and opportunities. I also got to work on my leadership skills with both adults and children (ranging from 2-17). These are valuable for my future as it allows me to communicate better with others no matter the age. This placement also allowed me to meet new people and make new connections which is a fantastic advantage.

Overall I would highly recommend this placement to anyone who has an interest in the outdoors and conservation, and I am excited to see how I can continue my journey with the national trust in the future.

A woman stands smiling and holding a fir tree sapling

About the Author

Amy Wickham
Dynamic Dunescapes Placement Student

I am a third year geography student at Bournemouth university, I enjoy all aspects of geography, especially the natural world, conservation and geology.