What is the John Muir Award?

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places, for people of all backgrounds, for groups, families and individuals. It helps people connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. It's non-competitive, inclusive and accessible.

Dynamic Dunescapes is partnering with The John Muir Trust to give you the chance to complete the award with us. We've come up with a whole host of exciting ways that you can explore and protect your local sand dunes as you work towards getting your John Muir Award.

You can complete the award as an individual, as part of a school group, or as a family group.



What does the award involve?

There are four Award Criteria to meet

Discover a wild place: This can be your local park, woodland, beach or even better, your local sand dunes!

Explore its wildness: Experience, enjoy and find out more about your wild place(s).

Conserve it: Take some practical action and personal responsibility. Learn how your actions can make a difference to sand dunes and the wildlife that live in them.

Share your experiences: Let others (and us!) know what you've been up to, what you've achieved and what you've learned. Use #JohnMuirOnTheDunes.

Scroll down to download a proposal form and award activity pack to complete the award with Dynamic Dunescapes.

Who can get involved?

The John Muir Award is open to anyone who can understand and meet the Award Criteria. From school pupils and professors to families and pensioners!


It is well suited for participants working at later stage of primary education and beyond (Year 4 and above in England & Wales, and Second Level in Scotland).


A Family John Muir Award allows participation for children of all ages and abilities as part of a family group. This award is a collective achievement for each family.

Are you ready to get involved? Here's how you complete your John Muir Award

There are 3 levels to the award: Discovery, Explore and Conserver Award. The Dune Discovery activity booklet has been designed to help you achieve your John Muir Discovery, with activities inspired by our work on sand dunes. It takes a minimum of 4 days (25 hours) to complete.

Step 1:

Download the Dune Discovery Activity Booklet. Have a read through it and decide which activities in the booklet you'd like to do as a family, or with your school class if you're a teacher.

Step 2:

Download and fill in the Proposal Form. There is one for families, and one for teachers. Send your completed form to us at dynamicdunescapes@naturalengland.org.uk. We'll get in touch with you and confirm your participation.

Step 3:

It's time to do the activities! You can use the Activity Pack as a journal - fill in the boxes and tick off the activities as you do them. Don't forget to share what you've learned using #JohnMuirOnTheDunes!

Step 4:

When you've finished all the tasks you need to achieve the award, download the Four Challenge Review form (which lets us know what you've been up to) and the Certificate Request Form. Fill them both out and send them to us (dynamicdunescapes@naturalengland.org.uk), so that we can arrange for your certificate to be sent to you!

Want to chat about it? You can use the form below to get in touch us.

We'll email you a copy of the proposal form and the activity booklet, help you register your interest and start working towards your award!

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