Poetry Spotlight: Willow, by Bethan Laurels

Bethan Laurels

Inspired by a conversation with a child wishing to be a mermaid, this is 'Willow', the fourth poem in our Poetry Spotlight series written by Bethan Laurels.



Call, call

I can hear you call

As their soul lifts with the breeze

And shelters from the seas




Cradling earth

With veins routing life


Your tresses of leaves

Skip the grasses

Waltz with the breeze

Bathe in the rivers

Catch the stream down to the sea

In the tune of the breaking ocean waves

Curling with the hair of pirouetting mermaids




Your golden skins

Blaze with the sun and moon

Beam in the glow of the mermaids woo




You exhale the wealth and wisdom of the skies

Where the clouds blossom

Stars dive and planets dance

Shadow and light circle the visions of creatures eyes


You inhale the untamed depths of the seas

As mermaids flirt with the currents they pull and push aside

Stirring the rise and fall of the tides

Tales of the waters thirsting for their tongue

To be kissed and curled

To become their song






Of land and sea


Bethan says:

"The simple and lovely delights of a young girl I met; Willow. She told me how she wanted to be a mermaid. What else could I do except write her a poem? So I did."


Bethan Willow

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About the Author

Bethan Laurels


Bethan's background is in arts and education, and as well as producing poems, her creative practice has also included combining her arts through a mix of displays and interactice installations. aand her work is continually inspired by nature, the internal love that many of us have for it, and the many ways we connect with it.