Shark Egg Case Hunt & ID Training, Cumbria

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10am - 12pm

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Join us at the beautiful South Walney Nature Reserve for a morning of hunting shark and skate egg cases!

Finding and recording empty shark and skate egg cases is an easy and fun way to help protect our vulnerable shark species in the Irish sea. In this session we’ll explore the tide line, and show you how to do your own shark egg case surveys!

The morning will begin with an egg case hunt on the beach, we’ll then head back to the Visitors Centre to identify our finds. Followed by a quick guide on how to submit the data to The Shark Trust, so you’re ready to undertake future surveys yourself.

Please wear warm, layered clothing and sturdy boots. Water proof coat and trousers are always a good idea too! Hot drinks will be provided, but please bring snacks if you wish.


Booking is required. To book, please follow the link below.


South Walney Nature Reserve Visitors Centre
1 Coast Guard Cottages,
Walney, Barrow-in-Furness
LA14 3YQ

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A black shark egg case pokes out of the sand. Seaweed, feathers and other debris surrounds the egg case