Salt on the Screen: A digital showcase of historic salt production in Lincolnshire.

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6:00pm - 7:00pm

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Lincolnshire has a long and fascinating history of salt making, stretching back to the Bronze Age. Alexandra Leigh from the University of York will introduce us to an innovative and interactive, web-based visualisation of historical salt production in Lincolnshire.

Salt is essential for life and has been used for the preservation of food, tanning, glazing pottery and as a trading commodity. Lincolnshire, with its long coastline, wide saltmarshes, low annual precipitation, onshore winds and low-lying topography has provided an ideal location for salt making since the Bronze Age.

The platform draws on archaeological, archival and environmental evidence, collated by Alex as part of the Digital Creativity Labs  project 'Salt on the Screen', under the supervision of Dr Katherine Selby (Department of Environment and Geography, University of York) and Dr Debbie Maxwell (Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, University of York) (click HERE for more details).

The event is supported by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and delivered as part of the Dynamic Dunescapes project. 

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Several people are working on a dig site. There are tools and markers dotted around the site