Natterjack Toad Evening Walk, Ainsdale

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9pm - 11pm

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Experience the sand dunes on a night time walk and in search of natterjack toads, one of the UK’s rarest and most charismatic creatures.

One of the many signs of spring amongst the sand dunes must be the churring call of the Natterjack Toad. Despite being our rarest amphibian the open dunes of North West England remain host to one of the largest populations. So why not take the opportunity to join us as we discover the nocturnal habits of this shy and elusive animal.

Please bring a torch and spare batteries, warm clothes and clean sturdy boots or wellies (to avoid spread of any invasive species). The walk will be on uneven ground up to 2 miles long.

Natterjacks are a rare and protected species, it is against the law to disturb natterjack toads or their habitat. The walk will be led by a license holder.

Natterjacks are quite particular about when they like to make an appearance, and we can’t always guarantee sightings (although we’ve been working hard to improve their habitats and breeding sites)!



Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve



Booking is necessary. To book or to find out more information, please call 01704 578774

Tiny Natterjack toadlet, Roanhead.