[Lincs Heritage Series] Understanding and interpreting WW2 Coastal Crust defences with CITiZAN, with Chris Kolonko

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18:00 - 19:00

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Join Chris Kolonko, CITiZAN Community Archaeologist, to find out what we can learn about WW2 Coastal Crust defences through archaeology.

This online talk was recorded. Click below to watch:

This talk will give an overview of what we can learn from Second World War Coastal Crust defences through archaeological field recording and desk-based interpretation. Chris will also highlight the recent work by CITiZAN and volunteers at Rimac, Lincolnshire, to record and interpret wartime surviving pillboxes and Coastal Crust defences.

Even though wartime sites and defences are quickly becoming more popular, we still know very little about them and their historical background is poorly understood. Little investigation has been done to assess how such defences were sited in the landscape for defence and how they would have operated in the event of invasion.


Learn how the CITiZAN team use exciting new methods, including the use of Geographical Information Systems and LiDAR, to interpret and demonstrate the group significance of these poorly understood anti-invasion defences of the Second World War.