Cornwall Dunes Recording Group

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Join Cornwall Wildlife Trust for monthly recording sessions to help monitor the species found in the sand dunes.

The group meets monthly and you are welcome to attend as many sessions as you wish. To book a session please email Pip Cook .


  • 26th July, Sedges and Rushes workshop at Penhale Dunes: There are several wet areas at Penhale Dunes so a fair amount of habitat for sedges and rushes, including the rare-in-Cornwall flat sedge (Blysmus compressus). We have booked the lovely Lime House Yoga for the indoor session until 12:30pm and from then we’ll be out and about at the nearby military training area, to see what we can find. If you haven’t been before this is a great place to explore and usually off limits to the public.
  • 23rd August, Invasive plants at The Towans: We’ll start at Gwithian Chapel for an indoor session, before driving to a ‘good’ site to find invasive plants in the dunes. It’s important to recognise these and to understand the issues they create, so that work can be done to reduce their negative impact on dune habitat diversity.
  • 30th August, Review (location tbc): We'd like to collect feedback, ideas and options for moving forward with the group and the success and challenges of previous sessions. Please email Pip with any suggestions beforehand.
A group of people stand in the dunes