Bird Life in Our Dunes, with Ornithologist Dan Rouse

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4:30pm - 5:30pm

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Join ornithologist, bird guide, author and science communicator Dan Rouse to explore some of the amazing birds that live in our sand dunes.

Dan Rouse is an ornithologist, an engaging public speaker and a professional bird tour guide based in South Wales. In this online talk, she'll take you on a journey through the sand dunes of England and Wales, exploring the different habitat types and the many amazing birds which are adapted to live, feed and breed in these coastal landscapes.

From enchanting songbirds like the skylark who make their homes in the grassy parts of the dunes, to charismatic wading visitors like the ringed plovers, sand dunes are home to a wealth of bird life.


This event will be hosted on Zoom. Use the link below to register for this talk on Eventbrite and meeting joining details will be emailed to you shortly before the event.

This talk will be recorded. We will not share your video feed, but if you're uncomfortable being recorded please keep your video turned off during the event. You will be able to use the chat box to ask Dan any questions you have about birds in our dunes.

This event is free.