School children create art to help protect ground-nesting birds

Dynamic Dunescapes

Primary school children in Cumbria drew birds and posters to help let coastal visitors learn about protecting birds like oystercatcher and plover. 

To raise awareness of how easy it is to disturb birds that nest on the ground at the strandline, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Dynamic Dunescapes worked with local primary schools to create posters to be put up around breeding areas.

Birds such as oystercatchers, terns and ringed plover lay their eggs in the pebbles and shingle on suitable beaches between May and August each year. These nests and the eggs are extremely
well camouflaged to avoid predation, but this means they can easily be trodden on. The signs were needed to encourage beach visitors to avoid walking on the shingle above the strandline during this time, and to keep dogs on leads.

The school pupils were part of a competition to design the artwork for these posters. Here are the winning designs!


This oystercatcher was drawn by Seascale Primary School
a child's drawing of a black bird with red legs and beak
Seascale Primary School
This poster was created by Hambleton Primary School
a child has drawn a beach with yellow sand and blue skies, with a little brown bird and a birds nest. Text reads 'mind theeggs!'
Hambleton Primary School
This oystercatcher was drawn by Northfold Primary School
A black and white sketch of a bird with orange legs and bill
Northfold Primary School