Introducing World Sand Dune Day!

On 25th of June, Dynamic Dunescapes and partner project Sands of LIFE will be celebrating the first annual World Sand Dune Day – designed to highlight the importance and beauty of sand dunes.

This new international awareness day has been established by Dynamic Dunescapes and Sands of LIFE and will be celebrated annually by coastal communities and projects across the world. A full schedule of in-person and digital events, including workshops, bio blitz walks and creative arts sessions organised by Dynamic Dunescapes and Sands of LIFE across England and Wales will be available here.

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Sand dunes are far more than just beautiful coastal landscapes. They’re important sanctuaries for an incredible array of important plants and animals – from rare toads and lizards to butterflies and orchids. They are also important for communities as recreational spaces allowing personal connection with nature, and as places filled with historic and cultural heritage.

In recent years, coastal sand dunes have become increasingly overgrown with vegetation and smothered by invasive plants. This has led to many of the natural bare sand and low grassland areas, which lots of specialist dune wildlife needs to survive, becoming over stabilised. As these habitats are lost, biodiversity is also lost. Dynamic Dunescapes and Sands of LIFE are working to restore sand dune habitats to support biodiversity and keep these special spaces accessible to communities.

If you don’t live near one of our planned event sites, you can still get involved!

Set off in search of wildlife along your own local coastline or perhaps organize a sand dune litter pick near you. If you’d like to host your own event as part of World Sand Dune Day, let us know what you’re planning by emailing and be sure to tag us in your photos of the day @dynamicdunes and use #WorldSandDuneDay.

Please keep an eye on both projects’ Twitter accounts @DynamicDunes and @TwyniByw for future updates.

Image: Charlotte Brown
Image: Charlotte Brown

About Sands of LIFE: Sands of LIFE (LIFE17 NAT/UK/000023) is a major conservation project to revitalise sand dunes across Wales. It will recreate natural movement in the dunes and rejuvenate habitats which are home to some of our rarest wildlife. The £4 million project, led by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), will restore over 2400 hectares of sand dunes, across four Special Areas of Conservation, on 10 separate Welsh sites. The project has received 75% funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union, with the Welsh Government providing 25% match funding. Click here to find out more about Sands of LIFE.