Feeling festive? Make an origami Christmas Tree!

Natalie Coffey

Find a square piece of paper and some scissors, and follow along with our step-by-step video to fold your own origami Christmas tree.
Colourful wrapping paper works well, and these neat trees make great table decorations.
Easy to do, this is a great activity to do with kids during the holidays.


If you don't want to watch the video, you can also follow our step-by-step photo guide below

1. Start with a square piece of paper, wrapping paper works best. I’m using 6inx6in but you can go larger for a larger tree! If using wrapping paper start with the plain side facing up.


2. Fold paper in half, crease well unfold and repeat on other side.


3. Fold paper in half horizontally, crease well, unfold and repeat on other side.


4. Tuck the two sides towards the centre line to create a small square.


5. Fold in the left and right side flaps to the centre line on both sides to form a kite shape, repeat until all flaps are folded and you have a kite shape.


6. Use your scissors to cut off the bottom triangle of the kite shape, make sure that you are cutting off the open tip and not the folded tip.


7. Using scissors, cut horizontal lines into each of the flaps. (The size of the lines will vary depending on the size of tree you are making, but we recommend to cut approximately half-way in towards the centre of each flap.) If your tree is large you might need more than 3 cuts.



8. Fold the cut lines down to create small triangles; repeat around all the sides of the tree.



9. Then fold all the sides out, stand it up. It should look like this: