Dunes are great places for families. Tuck into a picnic in the sheltered dune slacks, feel the bare sand between your toes and search for wildlife and rare plants.

Dune activities from home

You can still enjoy sand dunes from the comfort of your sofa! Grab your pens and learn about sand dune wildlife with our new dune colouring sheets or see how fast you can find all the words in our new word search!

Know before you go

Do you know where to find a sand lizard, or how to identify a silver-studded blue butterfly? Or why you might be lucky enough to see rabbits enjoying the dunes too?

Find out more about the special dune wildlife you might see before you visit! When you see them, don’t forget to tag us in your photos @dynamicdunes.

Events for Families

We don’t have any events planned right now, but once the current restrictions are lifted and it is safe for us to do so, we will share all the details of our family dune events here.