I used to live in lots of dune habitats all across the UK, where I was an important part of life in the dunes: my grazing would keep grassland short and by digging my burrows, I would keep patches of sand bare and encourage sand movement through the dunes.



Despite my name, I don’t actually have petals!

A brown beetle with long legs and cream patches sat on sand

Northern Dune Tiger Beetle

Can you see the large mandibles, a bit like pincers, near my mouth? I use these to dismember my prey!

Donna Nook seal

Grey Seal

One of the most famous animals to live on the Lincolnshire coast, but I’m also one of the rarest seals in the world!

Kenfig NNR - Fen Orchid

Fen Orchid

In June, my tiny yellow flowers add sunny splashes of colour to the landscape, but there are very few habitats left in the UK that I can live in!


Silver-Studded Blue Butterfly

I’m a big favourite with Cornwall’s sand dune visitors in the summer months.

Sand Lizard 2

Sand Lizard

I love basking in the sun on bare sand, however, you will be lucky to spot many of my friends as we are one of the UK’s rarest reptiles.

An olive coloured toad with a yellow stripe down its back can be seen sat on wet sand

Natterjack Toad

My rough, warty skin is olive green and brown, and I have a long yellow line on my back.