Throughout the course of the Dynamic Dunescapes project, we're delighted to have worked closely with a wide range fo schools.

We've involved 400 teaching staff and 4,100 pupils, as well as 975 additional members of
the community.  434 pupils have worked towards their John Muir Award with us, and over 500 educators have been part the 40 teacher training events that we've held.

Education and learning resources

Whether you're a teacher looking to plan a geography, history or ecology lesson, or a student searching for help with your studies, our education and learning resources are free for you to download and use. This page will be regularly updated with new materials.


  1. Primary School Sand Dune Activity Pack
  2. Lesson plan & presentations: An introduction to sand dunes (KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4)
  3. Dynamic Dunescapes Education Enquiry into sand dune rejuvenation and natural dune dynamics (KS3 and KS4)
  4. Dune Battle top trumps for species ID and succession (KS4 and KS5)
  5. Species fact files and conservation case studies (KS3 and KS4)
  6. Teacher Training workshop videos (KS1&3, and KS3&4)

1. Primary School Sand Dune Activity Pack

This activity pack for primary schools has taken an active approach to learning about sand dunes, in the sand dunes.

2. An Introduction to Sand Dunes: Lesson PowerPoint presentations with accompanying notes

These introductory presentations have been curated for different key stage classes and are available to download and use free of charge below. Presentations explore the species that live in sand dunes, how they are adapted to survive in dune habitats, how human interactions physical processes with these species and landscapes and ecology, and touch on the role of sand dunes in history. Class interaction and discussion activities are included.

3. Dynamic Dunescapes Education Enquiry:  Sand dune rejuvenation and natural dune dynamics

This resource should support and be suitable for the following stages of the National Curriculum:

Geography KS3

Science KS3 and KS4 (Biology)

Elements of Mathematics KS3 and KS4

4. 'Dune Battle' - a top trumps-style game teaching succession and species identification


Are you interested in playing Dune Battle or using it in your classroom? Download a PDF here and be sure to print it double sided. The same rules as 'Top Trumps' apply.

5. Species fact files and conservation case studies


6. Teacher Training Webinars

Studland Bay, Dorset, School Resources

Sand Dune Teacher Resource Pack

This pack is designed for teachers with an interest in sand dunes at Studland Bay. It is aimed primarily at KS3/KS4.

Sand Dune Education and Resource Pack

This education pack is designed for anyone with an interest in the sand dunes at Studland Bay.

Studland Bay Coursework Pack

Studland Bay is a very popular site for students completing their GCSE and A-level coursework. We have designed this pack to include background information and answers to common questions that we have received from students over the years.

aerial photograph of studland bay from 1928
1928 Aerial Photograph
Aerial photograph of Studland Bay from 1930s
1930s aerial photograph
aerial photograph of Studland Bay from 1947
1947 aerial photograph
Sheep's bit species distribution heat map of Studland Bay
Sheep's bit distribution point map
Dynamic Dunescapes Project Map
Dynamic Dunescapes Project Map
Studland Map with comparison photos
Studland Map with comparison photos
Habitat distribution
Habitat distribution
A colourful map of Studland bay
Studland Map
A series of arial maps showing Studlands dunes through times
Studland's dunes through time

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