This project has used pioneering conservation techniques in dune management, so we have been able to offer some exciting research and conservation opportunities for students and researchers

We've created 39 student placement opportunities with Dynamic Dunescapes, and supported 40 student researchers working on projects. 577 people have participated in on-site learning and training sessions, and we've run 43 taster events for 822 young people.

Videos created by students and researchers

Student Bursary recipient, Ben Lam, reflects on his project in South Wales

Join BSc student at Swansea University, Ben Lam, for a walk on the dunes at Crymlyn Burrows in South Wales, as he shares his experiences undertaking a research project on the dunes and newly-renovated dune slacks, with support from a Dynamic Dunescapes student bursary.

Ashleigh's Natterjack Toad Student Project

Meet Ashleigh Toomey, a BSc student at the University of Cumbria. She has chosen to undertake a student project with Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Dynamic Dunescapes looking at the impact of introducing a herd of grazing cattle to the natterjack toad populations of Mawbray Banks dunes.

Student Research: Thom Lyons, student at Swansea University

Undertook a research project looking at the impacts of Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa) on the invertebrate populations of Crymlyn dunes.


Student Reports

Read the reports produced by our students as part of their work and research.

Industry Project Report - Jenna Taylor Investigating the affects of Rosa rugosa on Fleetwood sand dune habitats.

Student Blog

Meet our Dynamic Dunescapes Placement Students and find out about their experiences as part of the project.

A Study into the Impacts of Rosa rugosa Invasion on Sand Dune Flora and Fauna Biodiversity

Effeithiau rhosyn Japan ar lystyfiant a phridd twyni tywod

Japanese rose impacts on sand dune vegetation and soil

A group of people kneel in the grass to inspect lichen covered wood

Twyni Dynamig: Stori Olivia

A group of people kneel in the grass to inspect lichen covered wood

Dynamic Dunescapes: Olivia’s story

Student project: Investigating dune slack scraping interventions

A lizard on sandy ground

Spotlight on common lizards – Studland student blog

Placements and mature students – Studland student blog

Reflecting on Placement – Studland Student Blog

A basking shark swims near the surface of the sea

UK Sharks – Studland Student Blog

A black wasp with orange stinger feeds on a green caterpillar

Parasitoides: Wasps not to love?

Fungi of Studland – Studland Student Blog

Two women stand in a gazebo and wave at the camera

Cornwall Apprenticeship: a short journey in time

A green caterpillar with orange dots and black hairs is held up to the camera on a stick

Creeping willow and its inhabitants – Studland Student Blog

A woman is seen walking through the dune grassland. The sun is rising, over the sand dunes in the distance

Student Project: Skylark and Meadow Pipit Surveys

Summer Placement: Helleborine, Horseflies, and a lot of walking

A young man is pictured taking a selfie on the dunes with a large white and orange net in his hand used for surveying insects

Student Project: ‘Death, Dunes and Pretty Pink Flowers: The problems posed by Japanese Rose on dune biodiversity’

A smiling young man stands in the dunes and holds up a branch from a tree

Rekindling a Connection With Nature; Charlie’s Student Placement Experience

A bee is held in a pot with a blue mesh lid. Yellow flowers are in the background.

Beth and the Bees: on Placement in Devon

A woman stands smiling and holding a fir tree sapling

A Summer of Public Engagement, by Amy

A smiling woman stands in the dunes holding a small pine tree that has just been removed

My Studland Bay Summer Conservation Placement, by Helen

View over sand dunes with a small lake in view and thickets of purple heather.

On Placement with Dunescapes: Bethany’s story

Three students pictured in the sand dunes in rain clothes

The Life of a Dunescapes Placement Student, by Katie

A man is pictured using monitoring equipment on the dunes in thick vegetation

On Placement with Dunescapes: ‘Great Experiences’ by Rhys

2 women and 1 man look at a specimen in a pot whilst standing in a meadow. The woman are wearing red tops and the man is wearing a white t shirt

Bees, butterflies and bird’s foot trefoil; Flo’s first day on placement

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