How can I get involved?

We’d love help monitoring wildlife and the changes in the sand dune systems!

From identifying and recording species on the dunes or measuring hydrology with dipwells to the removal of scrub and invasive species from the landscape or doing fixed-point photography, there are a range of exciting volunteering opportunities at each of our sites.

Whether you have half an hour to spare and want to help, or you’d like to join a regular team and really get to know your local dunes, visit our volunteer page and find an event at a site near you.

Volunteers - marram removal for sand lizard vivarium
Volunteers surveying for tadpoles and spawn of the Natterjack Toad (Epidalea calamita) in pond in a dune slack, Ainsdale Nature Reserve, Merseyside, UK. May. Photographer: Alex Hyde

How can I be a citizen scientist?

Whether you visit the dunes every now and then, or on a regular basis, if you are a school or community group, or you simply just love nature and want to ‘do your bit’, then it couldn’t be easier to help us take care of these special places!

We need dune visitors to be Citizen Scientists, collecting data that will help us understand how best to look after the dunes and their wonderful wildlife.

There are plenty of projects you can choose to get involved with, from identifying and monitoring species to measuring and mapping the dunes or taking part in fixed point photography projects. Visit the project site page for your local dunes to find out more about our current Citizen Science projects near you.