Listen to the sand dunes!

Studland Bay has stories to tell… Do you know what sound a pine tree makes? Or the calls that happen at night? How about the stories from the war or perhaps the wonders of our dune dynamics?

Well, now you can put your headphones in, go for a walk and experience an exploratory soundscape at Studland Bay!

How to take an immersive trip through the sounds and sand dunes of Studland Bay

Step 1: Install the free ‘Echoes’ app.
Step 2: Search for and download the ‘Listening to the sand dunes’ sound walk.
Step 3: Click ‘stream walk’ and you will be taken to a map. The blue circles represent where the sound clips are, you need to be in the area to hear them.
Step 4: Click ‘locate me’ to see where you are and work out a route.
Step 5: Put your headphones in and listen to the sounds, on the app there is also additional information for each sound clip.

sound walk bubble (2)_LI
Click here to find 'Listening to the Sand Dunes' on the Echoes App: 

There are ten sound clips for you to find in the dunes around Studland Bay, developed by Laura Reid
and Adrian Newton. You can use the app to find the location of each sound clip.

On your exploration, please be mindful of tough vegetation, cattle grazing and the wildlife that lives at Studland. To keep everyone safe please walk carefully, wear appropriate clothing, keep dogs on a lead and take any litter home.

Some of the soundscapes you'll encounter include...

Starlings at Studland

Starling murmurations 

Image: Alex King

Neil Davidson within the pine trees

Creaks of a pine tree

Image: Neil Davidson

Charlotte Brown - inside the dunes

Inside a sand dune

Image: Charlotte Brown