We challenge you to take part in our #DuneArtChallenge!

Simple, fun, and fantastic for kids, the Dynamic Dunescapes #DuneArtChallenge is a chance to a get creative, learn about our amazing sand dunes and enjoy a little of these beautiful coastal habitats from home.

Activities will be released weekly with accompanying activity sheets, which can be downloaded below. So take a look, share your dune art on social media using the hashtag #DuneArtChallenge and get creative! We'll share our favourites in the gallery below and on our own social media channels @dynamcidunes.

Week 8: Make a kite

Good wind and a wide, open sky - the perfect conditions to fly a kite wouldn’t you say? Give it a try! Make your own kite using this simple, step-by-step guide and materials found around the home, and head on down to the dunes for a bit of fun!

Week 7: Make a flapping origami butterfly

Our sand dunes are home to many different butterflies, big and small, colourful and camouflaged. They are a truly wonderful sight to see. Why not have a wander on the dunes, count how many species you can see and notice how they fly, it will come in handy for this exciting origami activity!

Week 6: Make colourful dune dragons

Snakes and lizards are our real-world dragons in the dunes. They are accomplished predators and though shy, can sometimes be spotted bathing in the sun. Follow these simple steps using materials found around the house, and create a colourful fridge magnet to celebrate the diversity of wildlife on our sand dunes.

Week 5: Make a wildlife friendly pond

It’s very easy to make a home for wildlife in your garden. Ponds (big or small) are magnet for all kinds of creatures, from skaters and dragonflies to frogs and toads. If you are lucky, you may even find birds bathing in the water, or hedgehogs come to drink their fill!

For best results, avoid making your pond under trees as leaf litter can pollute the water. Choose a site that gets plenty of sun and use native species only - exotic plants and ornamental fish can become invasive and harm the plants and animals we want to protect. When choosing aquatic plants (online or from a garden store), try to include a mix of oxygenating, floating and marginal types to create different habitats.

Week 4: Make an origami natterjack toad

Natterjack toads are found in just a handful of locations across the UK. They love the watery pools that form at the base of old sand dunes, and in spring will sing so loudly their croak can be heard up to 1 mile away!  Join us this week to raise awareness about our warty, wonderful friends and make a natterjack toad out of paper.

Week 3: Make a wriggly caterpillar

Did you know that caterpillars have as many as 4000 muscles in their body? That’s 3350 more than humans! Out on the dunes, these muscly, eating machines become beautiful butterflies such as the green hairstreak or silver-studded blue. Create your own paper caterpillar that moves like a real one! You could even make several and have caterpillar races with your friends. A fun a and easy activity for kids with step-by-step instructions.

Week 2: Make salt dough dune creatures

Though they seem like a pretty hostile environment, sand dunes are rich with wildlife. From rare birds to natterjack toads and sand lizards, these creatures are superbly adapted to a challenging lifestyle. Why not get creative and make your own sand dune creatures out of salt dough? This video tutorial will show you how to form the dough and create a natterjack toad.

Week 1: Paint a dunescape

Pull your paintbrushes out of the cupboard and watch the video to find out how to paint a beautiful home for sand dune wildlife, and even how to paint fantastic grass using a straw. When you've finished your dunescape and the paint has dried, cut out the animals on the activity pack and stick them onto your painting. They'll love their new home!

Your Art!


Tag us in your art @dynamicdunes and use the #DuneArtChallenge, so that we can see what you create and for your chance to be featured in the gallery below!