Curator Wanted: Art of Saving Sand Dunes Exhibition in Lincolnshire

Dynamic Dunescapes

Dynamic Dunescapes is an ambitious project restoring sand dunes across the UK for people, communities and wildlife. Sand dunes are now one of the most threatened habitats in Europe in terms of biodiversity loss due to encroaching farmland, development, and stabilisation of what should be a shifting and dynamic landscape. As part of the project, pieces of art have been created by schools, student societies, residential care homes, holiday makers and community support groups, to been shown in the ‘Art of saving Sand Dunes’ Exhibition.

Six events will be held at three locations along the Lincolnshire coast for people to learn about the importance of sand dunes, to celebrate the amazing heritage and wildlife of our coastline, and inspire people to help protect the natural world.

Dates and locations:

  • 15th and 16th October 2022 – The Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park
  • 22nd and 23rd October – The North Sea Observatory, Coastal Country Park
  • 29th and 30th October – The Coastguard Station, Gibraltar Point NNR

The exhibition will engage people from different ages and backgrounds, including those who find it harder to access nature-based activities. It will also provide an opportunity for people who are already embedded in the Dynamic Dunescapes (e.g. volunteers, staff, project partners, and previous event participants) to reflect on their experience of the project.


There will be static and interactive elements to the exhibition, which will feature work from schools and student societies, residential centres and care homes, holiday makers and community support groups who have engaged with Dynamic Dunescapes opportunities.

Poetry and music recordings; the collaborative animation (hand painted by various community groups) will be displayed; photographs and artwork will be displayed on gallery walls.

At this early stage, sale of artwork is improbable, however we would like to sell CDs and/or postcards of people’s work to raise money for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust charity.


The Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park, Moor lane, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln, LN6 9BW

Natural world centre Whisby nature park

The North Sea Observatory, Chapel Point, Chapel St Leonard’s, Skegness, PE24 5XA. (More information regarding the NSO can be provided)

North sea observatory chapel point 1
North sea observatory chapel point 2

Old Coastguard Station, Gibraltar Point NNR, Gibraltar Road, Skegness, PE24 4SU (6.25 x 6.60m)

old coastguard station 1
old coastguard station 2


Pre exhibition

  • Collecting artwork created for the project from various individuals and groups (arrange separately with each group e.g. collection day at a venue or collect directly from a group) (some already available, curator will need to access and arrange in some way)
  • Preparing art work for display (as the artwork is so varied the curator will need to understand and arrange for example printing pictures or showing videos, creating slideshows artwork etc)
  • Visit venues
  • Create exhibition information sheet
  • Prepare information labels
  • Workout what monitoring is being done and when
  • Physical accessibility needs to be considered and included


  • Create a press kit, including press release, information sheet and pictures that can be sent out, if needed.
  • Liaise with LWT before sending anything out
  • Create a list of where you would like to send it out

The exhibition will be promoted via the following channels:

  • Dynamic Dunescapes – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Newsletter
  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust – Facebook, Website, Lapwings (members magazine)
  • Local networks – e.g. Parish Council newsletter, Coastal Country Park Events newsletter, personal contacts
  • Local press – e.g. radio or news via press releases

Exhibition delivery

  • Installing the exhibition at each venue
  • Provide and create risk assessments and health and safety for instillation of exhibition, for yourself and other people involved.
  • Attending each event - speaking to visitors about the project, collecting feedback etc.

Post exhibition

  • Taking down displays at the end of each event and prep for the next exhibition
  • Sending artwork to the Dynamic Dunescapes communications team for display at the Project exhibition in March 2023


There is a budget of £750 (including VAT) for material, within the total budget value of £3000 (including VAT).

A costed plan for delivering the above needs to be created, which should include estimated number of days worked (including attendance at all the exhibition days), hourly rate, estimated travel expenses e.g. number of miles at £0.45 p/m

To meet weekly for progress meetings (online or face to face)

Contract will start from 19th September 2022.

How to apply

Please submit a CV by 5pm on Thursday 1st September 2022 to .

Interviews of potential candidates will take place on Friday 9th September 2022.

The role start date is Monday 19th September.