Poetry Spotlight: Bethan Laurels

Bethan Laurels

Nature has long roused artists and creatives. In this series meet our collaborative poet Bethan and enjoy her evocative, coast-inspired work.

Get to know Bethan:

"Nature, the internal love we have for it and the ways in which we connect outwardly continually inspire me. Sharing the view of my eyes and heart through words is the true expression of my soul, imagination and heart. The pondering of this world we are in. A world I love to watch.

"I have studied and worked in arts and education for over ten years developing my creative practice in a range of ways. Through this has come the sharing of my poetry. On times combined with my arts through a mix of displays and interactive installations. This has happened around Cornwall and at festivals alongside mentoring writers. A few years ago I had the honour of aiding Dunkirk refugee camp for a month and sharing my poem, Just Be, in twenty languages. I look forward to what the future brings as our worlds start to open again.

"The work I am sharing with Dynamic Dunescapes links to the environment in which their wonderful work takes place. On my website you will see an expansive mix of my writing and photography. Enjoy!"

- Bethan Laurels / Poetry I

The first half of the poem 'The Sands' is hand written on white paper
The second half of the poem 'The Sands' is hand written on white paper

We will be sharing a series of five of Bethan's coast-inspired poems over the coming weeks.

The first of which, is 'The Sands'


Down to the coast

To the sands

Tracing prints of birds, dogs; you.

The rambling man


Where sun trails

Pour over bronzed skin

Meandering deep dunes

These golden grains of life

Turned by tales made and yet to arrive


Shaping sands that move with the soul

Paved by wailing winds and waves

Travels chased and called

Singing, yes, yes my love, be our shadows

Move with the breeze

Dance with the sun's light we have seized


The call of toads

The song of birds

The whispering grasses

Chanting as you stroll

Up, up, up

Across, over and down

Creating trails and sounds


You, the rambling man



A note from Bethan:

'Written for Dynamic Dunes and inspired by the wonderful location I've wandered many times, Upton Towans, Cornwall.'



About the Author

Bethan Laurels


Bethan's background is in arts and education, and as well as producing poems, her creative practice has also included combining her arts through a mix of displays and interactice installations. aand her work is continually inspired by nature, the internal love that many of us have for it, and the many ways we connect with it.