Poetry Spotlight: South To Where The Waters Open, by Bethan Laurels

Bethan Laurels

The second in our Poetry Spotlight series with Bethan Laurels, this is 'South To Where The Waters Open'


South to where the waters open

South to where the waters open

North to where the channels meet

Estuaries into land into mountains

To my fellows feet


South to where my heart was left

In the company of companions met

North to where I have eyes to greet

We will again meet


In amongst the terrace of stars

In amongst these hearts of ours

Here, now, where I stand

Split between waters and land

bethan south

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We will be sharing a series of five of Bethan's coast-inspired poems over the coming weeks. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media for the @dynamicdunes.

About the Author

Bethan Laurels


Bethan's background is in arts and education, and as well as producing poems, her creative practice has also included combining her arts through a mix of displays and interactice installations. aand her work is continually inspired by nature, the internal love that many of us have for it, and the many ways we connect with it.