Discover the A – Z of Dynamic Dunescapes

Dynamic Dunescapes

Meet the special and rare creatures that live in shifting sand, explore the range of habitat types that can be found in a sand dune system, and find out what Dynamic Dunescapes is doing to bring biodiversity back to these beautiful landscapes.

Filmed and presented by the Dynamic Dunescapes team, a project working to restore 7,000 hectares of coastal sand dune habitat in England and Wales.


With thanks to:

Andy Nelson, Jon Cripps and Nick Marriot from Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Tim Braund and David Kiner from Plantlife

Bev Phillips, Julia Galbenu, Paul South and Josh from National Trust

Natalie Coffey and Emma Brisdion from Natural England

Tish Cookson from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Eve Mullholland from Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Martin Rule from Friends of the Towans

Leigh Denyer and Danny Griffith from Sands of LIFE and Natural Resources Wales


Produced and edited by Emma Brisdion (Natural England)